We are teaming up to provide resources bringing crowdfunded ideas to market

We are thrilled to announce we are partnering with We The People(WTP), the world’s only multichannel crowdfunding retail chain and community, to make a difference together. The combined expertise of our two companies will not only assist creators with optimizing their crowdfunded project for mass manufacturing but also with getting their products onto the shelves of stores worldwide.

Innovative ideas

The world is full of new and unique product ideas, however, launching these ideas/concepts to the worldwide market can be a challenge. This partnership allows innovators turnkey access to what our two companies have to offer: a platform to design, brainstorm, source, manufacture, patent registration, market and getting introduced to customers everywhere around the world.


WTP is a brand equity accelerator. Their cutting edge retail strategy makes sure that brands are best represented with ample breathing space, never lost in a clutter. They have a way of making consumers fall in love with the products in the store.

Established in 2016, WTP has gone from 14 brands to more than 160 brands with multiple product lines. With available stores now in Singapore, Malaysia and the United States, WTP continues to expand internationally and is becoming quickly the hub of innovation in Asia and all over the world. Combined with Allocacoc’s and DesignNest’s knowledge of design, manufacturing and worldwide sales (89+ countries!), making original ideas a reality is no longer a theory, but a fact.

Live Funding - Making crowdfunding physical and fun

Apart from curating items from crowdfunding platforms available in their retail stores, WTP also allows consumers to get to touch and feel products that are being crowdfunded at that moment. After getting to know the product, consumers can fund the project right there on the spot: bringing the online world to an offline experience. A great way for creators to gain higher amounts of credibility and funding while their crowdfunding campaigns are live.

For Creators By Creators

Founded with the vision to ensure creators the access to the resources needed to support their ideas, For Creators By Creators (FCBC) by WTP is a international tour designed to provide a global community for more entrepreneurs and encourage them to change ideas with others who have found success in local and international markets.