ModularNotebook |Folder|

USBstick |FingerPrint|

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Fingerprint encrypted flash drive

USBstick USBA+C |FingerPrint| 128GB

USBstick USBA+C |FingerPrint| 64GB

USBstick USBA+C |FingerPrint| 256GB

USBstick USBA+C |FingerPrint| 512GB

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Dual-USB Connectors: USB-C and USB-A

This dual-port flash drive allows you to plug into any USB-C and USB-A port.

Fingerprint Encryption

The data is secured on the USBStick with fingerprint recognition. Tap on the fingerprint sensor to access the data.

Compatible with Phones and Computers

Use any powered devices to setup fingerprint recognition, such as MacBook, PC, Android Phones, and more. Compared to traditional flash drives, the USBStick is compatible with both USB-A and USB-C ports.

Simplified Fingerprint Setup without Software

Easily set up fingerprints on USBStick without any management software.

Ultra-Convenient Data Transfer and Backup

Conveniently back up or transfer data between a computer and mobile device. You do not need a USB adapter anymore.

Accessible to Multiple Users

Up to 10 users can register their fingerprints and manage data on the USBStick.

Durable Aluminum Casing

This sleek and slim USBstick made with high-quality zinc alloy for added durability. You can count on reliable performance from the USBStick to keep your data safe.