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Weighted Lid for Sealed Pressure Cooker Effect

Cook meals faster as the pressure in the PowerCooker rises. As the heat gets higher, more steam forms in the pot allowing the food to get more moisture and cook faster. There is also an opening to release steam as the pressure rises to prevent scalding.

Cook a variety of meals, anything from steamed vegetables to baking a cake.

You can cook just about anything in the PowerCooker. Make rice, soup, steamed vegetables, bake a cake, or even make your own yogurt. There is also an option where you can choose how long a how to cook something so you can slow cook meat for a soft and tender taste.

360-Degree Detachable Heating Base for Cord-free Use

Once the meal has finished cooking in the PowerCooker you can remove the entire cooker from the heating base to easily serve everyone at the dining table. The electric power cord will no longer get in the way as everyone dishes up his or her meal.

Handle Integrated with Touch Control Panel

The multi-functional handle displays the touch control panel for a more visibility and convenient operation as you adjust the cooking modes.

Simple and Timeless Design That Fits Any Interior

You can incorporate the PowerCooker into your kitchen with its simple and classic design to fit your home.

Easy to Clean: Small in Size with Removable Parts

The small body and removable lid makes cleaning the PowerCooker very easy. While most electric cookers are bulky and heavy the PowerCooker is lightweight and easy to clean.
Technical Specs
PowerCooker |Multi-Use|PowerCooker |SmartHome|
Applicable number 1-4 people n/a
Capacity 2L 2L
Color White, Dark gray Dark gray, Light gray
Control method Microcomputer control Microcomputer control
Heating method Heating plate heating Heating plate heating
Inner pot material Aluminum alloy Aluminum alloy
Net weight 2.1kg 2.1kg
Product size 214mm*211mm*332mm 214mm*211mm*332mm
Rated frequency 50/60Hz 50/60Hz
Rated power 400W 400W
Voltage 220-240V 110V (USA) 220-240V 110V (USA)