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DUSK Clock

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Kids Seasonal Toothbrush

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StickyOrganizer |Amber|

StickyOrganizer |Amber|

StickyOrganizer |Amber|

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Multiple user scenarios

This storage solution can be used at the office, in the bathroom, kitchen... the decision is yours! Since it is so flexible you can always adapt it to your needs.

Extra storage space

It offers a sleek and beautiful solution to create extra storage space on any smooth surface, from your bathroom or kitchen wall to your office divider.

The easiest mounting system

Mounting cannot be easier: it will adhere to any smooth wall: no need for any adhesives or screws!

Safe material

It is made of silicon, 100% waterproof, hygienic, and easy to clean: just wipe the adhesive surface with a damp cloth to remove any contaminants and you are ready to go!