airCube |SmokeDetector|


ToothBrush |Electric|

Kids Seasonal Toothbrush

Humidifier |Straw| aluminum

DropCup |DuoGlass|

DropCup |Mug +handle|



WaterCooker |Instant|


DUSK Clock

WaterCooker |SmartHome|

PowerCooler |airCo|

WeightScale |BodyFat|

HairDryer |Standing|

A Bowl with a Handle

DropBowl |260ml +handle|

DropBowl |600ml +handle|

DropBowl |260ml +handle|

DropBowl |600ml +handle|

DropBowl |260ml +handle|

DropBowl |600ml +handle|

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Easy to Handle

An easy-to-use handle that is made for you to grip the bowl. The handle helps avoid freezing or burning your hands.

Multi-purpose bowl for cereal, soup, snacks and more.

It is optimized to serve cold food such as cereal, fruit and salad, and durable to serve hot food, soup, rice, and more! It is also perfect for all drinks.

Microwave, Oven and Dishwasher Safe

Raindrop-inspired Shape

Inspired by nature's beautiful raindrop, this bowl is made of porcelain. The hard, porcelain enamel finish helps resist odor and food stains.