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Stand Up By Itself for Optimal Airflow

When up right the bristles get optimal airflow preventing bacteria from growing on the brush. The holder can be used as a toothbrush stand to keep the bristles dry and sanitary. In addition, a removable cap at the base allows for more airflow when the toothbrush is stored in the handle.

Store the toothbrush head into the handle for clean bristles.

The toothbrush head can be inserted back into the handle after use to reduce it in size and keep it uncontaminated by bacteria. The bristles are completely covered when stored in the holder, keeping it clean and protected from other items in your bag.

Half the size of a regular toothbrush, fit anywhere.

The ToothBrush |Travel| is only 101mm (4 in.) long allowing it to fit in any tight spot in your bag. The mini travel toothbrush is half the size of a normal toothbrush and only weighs 37g (1.3 oz.) making it lightweight and easy to carry on any excursion you endeavor.

A Stylish and Sleek Aluminum Alloy Handle

Travel in style with the ToothBrush |Travel|. With a minimalist design the aluminum alloy handle is both durable and stylish for an improved impression of the toothbrush.

3 Replacement Toothbrush Heads

According to many dental professionals and the American Dental Association, the brush head needs to be replaced every 3-4 months. The ToothBrush |Travel| comes with 3 replacement heads to guarantee you are getting a fresh brush.
Technical Specs
Accessories Brush head X 3
Bristle type DuPont hair
Colour White, Grey
Dimensions L183mm x Φ22mm
Material Aluminum , ABS
Toothbrush hair tension 15N
Weight 37g