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Big Test/Silence Button for Easy Operation

The big button is made for easy access to reach and use. The dual-purpose button quickly silences your alarm and can test its function.

Incredibly Compact

The AirCube offers reliable smoke detection in a sleek, ultra-compact design. Its space-saving design makes the AirCube installation process easier and can easily fit into tight areas.

10-Year Battery

The 10-year lithium battery offers continuous power for the life of the alarm. The alarm works anywhere and continues to work even if there is a power outage.

Twist-Lock Mounting System

Easy to install it on a wall or ceiling. Mount the bracket to a flat surface. Just twist and lock the smoke detector to the bracket.
Technical Specs
airCube|Smoke Detector|airCube |CO Detector|
Alarm Type Smoke Carbon monoxide (CO)
Alarm/Detector Features audio and light alarm, fire alarm
sensor failure warning
low battery warning, automatic activation
Audio and light alarm, carbon monoxide alarm
sensor failure warning
low battery warning, automatic activation
Audio Alarm ≥85dB (3 meters) ≥85dB (1 meter)
Color White Dark gray
Housing material ABS ABS
Power Source 3V lithium battery (EVE, CR123A) 3V lithium battery (EVE, CR123A)
Sensor Type Photoelectric Electrochemical sensor
Weight 50g 80g