airCube |SmokeDetector|


ToothBrush |Electric|

Kids Seasonal Toothbrush

Humidifier |Straw| aluminum

DropCup |DuoGlass|

DropCup |Mug +handle|



WaterCooker |Instant|


DUSK Clock

WaterCooker |SmartHome|

PowerCooler |airCo|

WeightScale |BodyFat|

HairDryer |Standing|

FlipGrill |BBQ|

FlipGrill |BBQ|

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Desktop barbecue

The bottom of the FlipGrill is insulated, so that you can place it on any table without damaging it.

Cooking pans

The included pans give you the opportunity to bring more variation into your cooking: also eggs or a paella are possible! Two pans are included: one with a flat bottom and one with a patterned bottom.

FlipGrill included

The FlipGrill allows you to flip over anything you cook within a single gesture: no risk for spills caused by a clumsy flipping move! All handles are also insulated with wood to prevent burns.

Easy to carry

Its integrated handle allows you to carry the FlipGrill to your next grilling location: just put all pans and grills inside, pop on the lid and off you go!

Integrated chopping board

The top is made of strong bamboo, allowing you to also use it as a chopping board to cut your meat or veggies.