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Humidifier |Straw| aluminum

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Straw-like humidifier for cups

Humidifier |Straw| aluminum

Humidifier |Straw| aluminum

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Personalized humidity control

Control the humidity level in your direct environment with the StrawHumidifier.
NOTE: Soak in water before use!

Easy to clean

Simply wash the body with cool tap water. Unlike other humidifiers there is no need to disassemble the unit.

Small, convenient to carry

With a 15cm-long straw-sized body, it is convenient to carry it in e.g. your purse, so that you always have it at hand.


As the StrawHumidifier has a USB-plug you can use it with your computer, powerbank or any other device with a usb port, not restricting you to a power outlet.

Auto shut-off

After working for 6 hours, the humidifier will switch itself off to protect it from running out of water. When you unplug and plug in the unit, the timer will be reset.

Exchangeable filter