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Durable glass kettle with temperature control

WaterCooker |SmartHome|

WaterCooker |SmartHome|

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Remote controlled via WiFi

This crystal-clear kettle is made of Borosilicate glass. It is safe, heat-resistant, healthy and corrosion-resistant. This WaterCooker is easy to clean.

App control

Control the WaterCooker from your bed, couch or even on your way home. Take remote control with the “Allocacoc Smart” App or virtual assistants, such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Tmall Genie.

Voice control

WaterCooker is voice control-enabled, this makes it possible to give voice commands.

Temperature control

Its boiling system allows you to cook water at selected temperatures. Through the transparent glass you can see the boiling process.

Keep it warm for up to 3 hours

WaterCooker optionally maintains the selected temperature for up to 3 hours.

Detachable silicone lid for easy cleaning

This detachable lid of silicone allows you to clean the grooves and tight areas in the lid. Its hard-wearing material lasts longer.

Safely shut-off before boiling dry

The auto shut-off function helps keep the kettle from boiling dry to protect your safety.

LED display and touch panel

The touch panel is easy to clean due to the flat surface. The LED indicator lights up when operating.
Technical Specs
WaterCooker |SmartHome|
AC Voltage 50HZ
Capacity 1.3 L (44 fl oz.)
Colour Dark Grey, White
Dimensions (Base) W200*L200*H22(mm)/W7.874*7.874*H0.87(inches)
Dimensions (Kettle) W180*H195(mm)/W7*H7.7(inches)
Display LED
Material Borosilicate glass + Stainless steel + Silicone
Power 1200W
Weight 1.1 KG / 2.4255 Pounds