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Crystal-clear transparant design with temperature control via smartphone app or Alexa/Google Home

WaterCooker |SmartHome|

WaterCooker |SmartHome|

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Remote controlled via WiFi

WiFi-controlled via the Allocacoc Smart app: control the WaterCooker from your bed, couch or even on the road on your way home.

Voice control-enabled

Voice control-enabled. Amazon Echo Alexa, Google Home and all other smart home assistants.

Clean design

Durable borosilicate glass body. Heat resistant, crystal clear and clean design.

Perfect temperature control

Perfect temperature control for tea, coffee and warming baby milk bottles.

Hold 3 hours

Will maintain your desired temperature for up to 3 hours.
Press the HOLD button again for 5 seconds, the indicator light flashes, you can reset, re-pair.

Smart interface

Integrated LED display and touch panel.

Easy to clean

Since the WaterCooker has a removable silicone cap it is easy to clean.

Faster boiling, 5-6 minutes.

High power heating ensures that water heats up in 5-6 minutes as you watch through glass.