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Engage everyone in a fun grill experience

FoldingFire |BBQ +grill|

EUR 149.95
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Unique Metal Fiber Fabric

The secret of this innovative grill is the super alloy blanket. The woven FeCralloy blanket withstands high temperature corrosion, providing durable and long-lasting use. It is ideal to use as a resistance heating element. It is soft and can be turned into any shape, making the FoldingFire even more portable.

Easily Convert it into a Fire Pit

The foldable grill can be uninstalled from the top of the FoldingFire, turning it into a campfire. It is perfect for those who enjoy campfires as much as BBQ!

Gather around the grill, eat & chat

Everyone can sit around the grill and chat face to face while cooking. The fun never ends, turn the FoldingFire into a cozy and warm fire pit after grilling. Every individual is truly engaged in the grill experience, building stronger connections.

Height Adjustment for Temperature Control

Lift the FoldingFire upward or downward to adjust the height for lower or higher grill temperatures. Height adjustment helps avoid overcooking or charring. It retains the tenderness of the meat and remains moist. Grill in a healthier way.

Packs Up Small for Easy Storage and Relocation

Providing the complete grill experience, this on-the-go FoldingFire folds up and can be stored in your car, RV, Camper, garage, or storage closet.

Quick Cleaning: Wipe, Rinse or Replace

After use, effortlessly wipe or shake off the ashes on the blanket and reuse. If you want to further clean the FeCralloy blanket, you can rinse it under water. The FeCralloy blanket is affordable to replace as well.

Setup and Collapses within Seconds

After use, the FeCralloy blanket cools down within minutes. No tools needed; quickly fold, store it into a wearable bag and go.

Lightweight and Portable: 3kg(6.6lb)

The FoldingFire only weighs 3kg(6.6lbs) and can be packed into a wearable bag. You can conveniently carry it to any special event and occasion, such as camping, beach night, backyard parties, fishing, tailgating, and more. Enjoy your tasty food Anywhere! Anytime!
Technical Specs
FoldingFire |BBQ +grill|
Bag Φ170x850mm
Capacity 5kg/11lbs
Fabric cool down time Couple of minutes
Fecralloy blanket 47x47mm
FoldingFire Folded 130x130x655mm 
FoldingFire Open 655x655x285mm 
FoldingFire without bag 3kg/6.6lbs