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CityBike |Basic|

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SkateBoard |Electric|

Super slim skateboard

SkateBoard|Electric| ; WOOD

SkateBoard|Electric| ; BLACK

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Remote control high speed / low speed riding

High-speed 30km/h (18mph), low-speed 18km/h (11mph)

Long battery life

The range is about 20 kms (12 miles). When going downhill energy will be recovered, extending battery life.

Easy to carry

You can carry the SkateBoard by the handle, but also control it remotely with the remote.

Safe and durable

High-strength fiberglass is added to the material, similar to the one used in sportcars.

Dual-drive brushless motor

A powerful motor with double security; even when out of power the wheels will run smooth, without friction from the drivetrain.