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A lightweight and foldable fire pit to take with you on all your adventures. Its simple design makes it east to (un)fold and super user-friendly. This makes this fire pit ideal for your travels, family parties or trips with friends. Its east to use, clean, transport and store.

(Un)fold it

FOLDING FIRE is made of a steel-aluminum frame, a flexible, steel mesh and a fireproof blanket. This specific choice of materials and the precise assembly makes it possible to (un)fold the fire pit in one single motion.

Take it everywhere!

FOLDING FIRE comes in a stirdy bag. This way you don’t have to deal with any mess when you need to transport or store the dire pit. When packed, the bag only measures 590x170x170mm. This makes FOLDING FIRE super transportable. Wherever you go, FOLDING FIRE follows.

Easy use

Because of the gap between the mesh and the blanket, the air can effortlessly reach the from beneath, wich makes it easier to get the dire started. To clean up afterwards, just detach the mesh and the blanket, remove the ashes and fold everything back up.

So much more than just a fire pit!

FOLDING FIRE stands for more just a fire pit. Its all about the atmosphere, having fun with the people you lobe and having a good time.