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BayBerry RED40

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Distinct design

The wine bottle features a special shape, using the iconic design of Allocacoc for both the cap and body. The unfilled corner is easy to recognise and gives the bottle a distinct and aesthetic appeal.

Wide bottleneck

Have you ever seen this kind of wide-bottleneck bottle? Because of the red bayberry fruit’s size, the bottle opening is designed wide enough so that taking out the berries should not be a bottleneck (see what we did there…?).

Easy to get the bayberries

The most special part of this design is that when you turn the bottle upside down, the bottle’s structure will make sure the bayberries will remain in a separate reservoir, allowing you to take them out separately and experience the taste of this special fruit as well.

Effects of bayberry wine

The with liquor soaked red bayberries provide a special effect, refreshing the spirit and also solve a greasy stomach, besides offering other health benefits… we encourage you to try these out!