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FoldBag |Laptop|



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Fold Out from a Purse to a Backpack

FoldBag |Laptop|

FoldBag |Laptop|

FoldBag |Laptop|

FoldBag |Laptop|

FoldBag |Laptop|

FoldBag |Laptop|

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Flip and fold, convert it from a purse to a laptop bag

With the integrated keeper loop system, you can adjust the strap. Simply, flip, fold and adjust the strap to increase or decrease bag capacity to your needs. You can easily switch your bag to a laptop bag, purse, shopping bag, and tote. Its modern clean cut body is suitable for everyday style.

A Stylish Women Laptop Bag

Foldbag’s simple, yet stylish appeal is a perfect fit for business, work, college, fun, and travel. It is convenient to carry and easily adapts to your needs.

Multiple Compartments for Different Needs

Foldbag has 1 large, laptop compartment that can store your laptop, notebook, groceries, books, or clothes. Its main compartment provides space to store and organize your daily essentials. And there is a front flap over a hidden zipper pocket for added storage. opening is at the bottom, making it even more difficult for pickpockets to reach.

Hidden Zippers to Secure Your Belongings

Each zipper is intelligently designed to hide each compartment out of plain sight so that you can keep your money, values, and essentials safe.
Technical Specs
FoldBag |Laptop|FoldBag |Laptop|
Colour Skin: Grey; Inner: Black Skin: Green; Inner: Yellow
Style Style 1: Backpack; Style 2: Shopper; Style 3: Tote; Style 4: Purse Style 1: Backpack; Style 2: Shopper; Style 3: Tote; Style 4: Purse