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Create your infinite surround sound system

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Easy and infinite pairing

Simple pairing with one press of a button. Set one of the audioCubes as “Host” by connecting it to your phone or computer through Bluetooth pairing. and have an infinite number of audioCubes sync to the “Host”.No app or internet connection needed.

360° sound experience

Each audioCube provides a true 360° sound experience with 4 high-fidelity speakers and 1 woofer to create that incredible bass.

Surround sound

Simply connect your device via Bluetooth to the "Host" up to 10m away.All other "Guest" audioCubes can be linked from up to 30m away.Put them in different places to create the ultimate surround sound.

Multi-layered sound experience

For a personalized audio experience,the "Host" audioCube can be paired with other allocacoc audio modules such as the bass,tweeter,or loundspeaker modules to create a multi-layered sound effect,according to your preference.


The internal battery lasts for at least 12 hours and is rechargeable with an IEC cable. No external adapter is required.