LightCube |Original|

LightCube |Extended|

LightCube Original |Portable|

LightCube |SmartHome|

LightCube |NightLight|

LightShade |Envelope|

LightShade Extended

LightShade |Tulip| Desk

LightShade |Tulip| Standing

LightShade |Tulip| Hanging

FlashLight |NightLight|

FlashLight |Clip| SET

FlashLight |StandSpot 3x| SET

FlashLight |DeskSpot| SET

FlashLight |DeskLight| SET

LightBulb |Candle|

LightBulb |Cylinder|

LightBulb |Spot|

LightPillar|Dimmable| Hanging

LightPillar|Dimmable| Standing


PowerLight |Aluminum|



StreetLight Solar

Heng Balance Lamp

LightDisc |Solar|

Voice and app controlled smart Lightbulb

LightCube Original |SmartHome| E27

LightCube Original |SmartHome|

LightCube Extended |SmartHome| 3m

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Remote control your Light at home from anywhere

All SmartHome products can be controlled with the Allocacoc Smart app (downloadable from both the Apple and Android stores). This app can be used to control several of Allocacoc's |SmartHome|products simultaneously from a WiFi or mobile network environment.

Create a customized lighting schedule

Create a custom power-saving plan by using the count- down and timing switches within the app.

Fast sharing: quickly share your LightCube with others

You can easily share the LightCube with family members and friends.

Control by voice assistant and/or app

Compatible with smart assistants Alexa, Google Assistant and Tmall Genie.

Create different scenarios ("if this then that")

Add multiple devices to a scenario, and execute these scenarios with the click of a button. For example: switch the LightCube on when it is raining, or when the temperature exceeds a certain value.

Compatible with wall switch

By connecting the LightCube to your existing light fixture wiring, you can control the light with your regular wall switch.

The versatility of the LightCube

The LightCube |SmartHome| offers all perks of the LightCube: use gesture control to dim it, switch it on or off with the integrat- ed switch, combine it with our unique stands,...