• Currency

    All readings are shown in a monetary value, making it easy to interpret. The values are very detailed, with several decimal places, so you will see an immediate effect.

  • Current consumption

    The current consumption is indicated like a car speedometer, making it easy to check at a glance how much you currently consume.

  • Detailed consumption

    Here you can see the consumption in more detail, up to 1/1000th of a cent. As it is so detailed you get direct feedback for all devices, also low-comsuming devices like e.g. a USB charger. By double-clicking the display you can reset this counter, enabling you to measure the consumption for a period of your choice in detail.

  • Total consumption

    This is the total consumption; reset the counter by pressing the display three times.

  • On/Off switch

    The display doubles as an on/off switch, enabling you to start saving immediately.

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