Our history
allocacoc is a one-of-a-kind industrial design company.
Industrial design is not limited to any category or current industry.
Since our creation in 2011, allocacoc has established a philosophy aimed to redefine daily living through innovating existing products. With an uncompromising commitment to delivering innovative and original products, it fuses industrial design with quality and value.In 2016, allocacoc launched the DesignNest initiative to support designers from design to production to sales and marketing.
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Sales & Market Distribution
Due to our international focus, we are proud to be widely available in 83 countries (and counting).
We value our partnerships with good collaboration and communication and continue to focus on
making a difference to your every day living.
Our awards
Our vision helps us to create innovative solutions with value to current daily problems
and to achieve recognition on multiple platforms.
Red Dot Design award
IF award
CEDIA Winner award
MKB Innovation award
CITE award
Moscow Gift award
Computex d&i award
Shell Livewire award
GIO award
Energy award
Innovation award
A'Design award
Our founders
Allocacoc is founded by two design engineers from TU Delft University of Technology in
the Netherlands,who were destined to set a different standard.
In their pursuit to reinvent and redesign existing products to one that inspires and sets a different
standard, Yixia Jiang and Arthur Limpens strives to design a product that would solve everyday
problems. One day while at their office, the constant struggle with the use of regular power strips
inspires them to design a product where plugs never block. Sketch after sketch, they develop their
initial idea into a finalized design of what is now known as the PowerCube.
Worldwide partners
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